On behalf of Second Macedonia Baptist Church family and all those who are blessed by our Ministry, we welcome you to give whatever and however God has called you to and thank you for your support. Click for giving Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions for our Giving Program or Click here to submit questions to Web Administrator.

OPTION 1: GIVE AN OFFERING. Use your Debit/Credit Card to make a one-time only gift to a designated fund. Choose one below::


Online Giving

Click here for Benevolence

Click here for Building Maintenance Fund

Click here for Missions

Click here for Scholarship Ministry


OPTION 2: GIVE A TITHE. Use your Debit/Credit card*, Checking or Savings account  to make a one-time or monthly recurring gift for Tithes or General FundChoose one below:

* A transaction fee of 2.99% + 45 cents will be deducted from each gift made with a debit/credit card transaction.
Example: A $10.00 gift is made with debit/credit card.  Actual gift (less fees) will be 10.00 - .75 = $9.25
*Monthly recurring gifts can not be set up for Debit/Credit card transactions.  There are no additional fees if you use your checking or savings account.


Online Giving Amount
 Credit Card       Checking or Savings