Spiritual Growth

Black History Ministry

To pay homage to African and African Americans who paved the way for our freedom and liberties; to inform, educate and acknowledge our rich history; to celebrate, honor and preserve our future; to empower and enrich the young people.

Vacation Bible School Ministry

Our purpose is to use “fun-time” appeal in teaching God’s word for two weeks during the summer, serving children and adults with Bible study, crafts, and music.

In Touch Ministry

Our mission is to help and inspire our members and our communities to disburden themselves with the many ills and problems that they encounter day-to-day; to engage others in uplifting and enriching activities (spiritual, mental and physical) to ready them for:

·       Studying and exploring the Bible

·       Enhancing their knowledge through study, travel, workshops, art and experience sharing

·       Fellowshipping

·       Defending their beliefs, rights, and faith in an authoritative and bold manner

Marriage Enrichment Ministry

Have you ever asked yourself or your spouse "Where is the love?" or "May I Help You Please?" Are you single looking for help finding a mate and want to lear what a godly marriage is all about? Do you want to learn how to love unconditionally? Do you desire to strengthen, empower, and improve communication in your marriage? Than this ministry is right for you!  

M.A.C.C. Men Advancing the Cause of Christ

The mission of this Men’s ministry is to prepare themselves and others to serve and accomplish the mission of the Church.

New Members Ministry

Our purpose is to concentrate on recognizing and nurturing all new members who join the Church family; be it by restoration, Christian experience, letter of Baptism, until the new member(s) are assigned to a Sheepfold, receive the right hand of fellowship and join a ministry within the Church family.

Women Empowered

Our mission is to reach and disciple women. To equip and motivate the women of Second Macedonia toward maturity in Christ; encourage fellowship with one another; Provide service through our church; and share Jesus with family, friends and others under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.