Congregational Tribe Ministry

To serve as the means to communicate to all the members of Second Macedonia Baptist Church about important matters and enhance the spiritual growth of the congregation through constant communication and prayer. Serve as a means for conveying the concerns of members to the Pastor, Ministerial Staff and officers of the church
Members of the Sheepfold Ministry are assigned a one of twelve tribes, once you are a part of a tribe you should expect to be contacted at least once per month by at least one person from your tribe. Tribe leaders are to maintain regular contact with the members of their assigned Sheepfold and advise the  leadership of Sheepfold, the Deacons and the Pastor of any concern or needs their Sheepfold members may express.  The Sheepfold is also responsible for coordinating the Church Picnic.

The Ministry meets on the 1st Friday of each month as required.   Additional meetings may be scheduled when events are being planned.  


The Twelve Tribes


To locate your tribe, review the "Membership List" under each tribe.  If your last name falls between the two names listed than that is your assigned tribe.  (Ex. Pastor Harold Jolley would be assigned to the tribe of Gad because his name falls between  Sisters Annabell Jackson – Katherine Keel in that tribe's Membership List.
Deacon & Deaconess Robinson
Coordinator - Sister Grace Hawkins
Leaders - Sisters Iris Brunson &  Almaetha Sumpter
Membership List:  Sister Lottie Abernathy – Brother Mac El Benjamin

SIMEON (Light Blue) 
Deacon & Deaconess Burke
Coordinator - Minister Watson McQueen, Sr.
Leaders - Sisters Patricia McClorin & Carolyn Jones
Membership List:  Sisters Janet Berger – Wanda Campbell

LEVI (Green)
Deacon & Deaconess McGuire
Coordinator - Sister Pearl Nixon
Leaders - Sisters Donna Cox & Deloise King
Membership List:  Sisters Betty Carpenter – Karen Dickerson-Hunter

DAN (Red) 
Deacon James Love
Coordinator - Brother Wallace Hall
Leaders - Sisters Katie Parker & Carolyn Clark-Davis
Membership List:  Brother Harry Easton – Trustee Annita Graves
Deacon Hubert Reid
Coordinator - Sister Denise Lomax
Leaders- Sisters Marlene Lucas, Delores Banks#1, & Darnella Gooden
Membership List:  Sister Helena Graves – Trustee Walter Hurst
GAD (Purple)
Deacon Milton Jumper
Coordinator - Sister Penny Williams
Leaders- Sisters Mary Ann Dinkins-Clarke & Loretta Jeffries
Membership List:  Sisters Annabell Jackson – Katherine Keel
 ASHER (Pink)
Deacon Kenneth Randolph
Coordinator - Sister Kay Washington
Leaders –Sister Camye Parker & Brother & Sister Marcus
Membership List:  Sister Sarah Kenner – Brother John McGuire, Sr.
ISSACHAR (Royal Blue)
Deaconess Gladys James
Coordinator - Sister Diane Payne
Leaders - Sisters Robyn Williams, Denise Benson & Jacqueline Jamison
Membership List:  Sisters Rose McPherson – Carol Patton
ZEBULUN (Silver)
Deaconess Julia Bradley
Coordinator - Minister Senoba Flowers
Leaders - Sisters Yolanda Nicholson & Lynell Burke
Membership List:  Sister Diane Payne – Trustee Mary Russ
Deaconess Betty Pratt
Coordinator - Sister Carolyn Thompson
Leaders - Sisters Michelle McMillan & Charon Harris
Membership List:  Sisters Leslie Russell – Monique Streat
EPHRAIM (Burgundy)
Deaconess Bessie Tanksley
Coordinator - Minister Nettie Brooks
Leaders – Sister Mary Eakins & Brother David Spivey
Membership List:  Brother Gilbert Stringfield – Sister Patricia Gardner Watford
Deaconess Pauline Page
Coordinator - Sister Shirley Carter
Leaders - Sisters Shirley Lauchner & Tammy Carter
Membership List:  Brother Tyrone Watson – Sister Bernice Young