Our Core Values

We value and are committed to:

Remaining biblically rooted while being culturally relevant

We reference the Bible for all belief, instruction, and practices. We believe that it is important to speak the language of our culture while upholding the biblical truth and use various contemporary mediums to present God’s Word in an effort to bring all people to a wholesome and positive relationship with Him.
Developing an evangelistic climate

We embody the love of Christ, and are committed to zealously spreading his Word by establishing and aggressively implementing in-reach and outreach evangelistic programs that teach members of the church body and people from all walks of life that He is the answer. 
Engaging in Leadership Development and Ministry

We endeavor to equip every believer for ministry by helping them discover the gifts and talents God gave to them. We strive for continuous spiritual growth through consistent attendance in Worship, Sunday school, Bible Study, Leadership Meetings and retreats.
Encouraging a spirit of celebration

We believe that coming together as a church to celebrate and worship God is part of our journey in strengthening our faith. We exalt Christ through song, dance and other creative expressions. We welcome people from all walks of life into our circle of hope.
Leading with Love

We are committed to the community and believe in following the example of service that Jesus the Christ set in order for us by engaging and supporting each other and those from all walks of life with love and humility. We strive to create and maintain an environment that is forgiving and compassionate.